the kitchn cookbook

When a blog is named "the kitchn", you can't help but think there's an unassuming, humble nature to those behind the advice dished out (pun so adorably intended).  A quick glimpse through the site and you are quickly surrounded by useful bits about food storage, making the best use of your ingredients to plan meals.  Essentially it's more than just recipes.

The same formula holds in this artfully composed cookbook.  It feels different from the traditional style that comes to mind when I think of the word cookbook.  I had to pore over the contents over a few sittings to be able to summarize what sets it apart in this regard -- accessibility.  You don't need to be the Culinary Institute's A+ pastry chef to successfully transform these pages into meals.  There is something soothing, warm and comforting about the mix of both recipes/ingredient guides and a sort of "kitchen-hacking" where you may find the sweet spot of organizing, designing or streamlining that special room known to some as "the kitchn".

This book was received from the Blogging for Books program in exchange for review.