Crowning A Smoothie Queen

A year ago, I fell in love again.  Is it weird that the object of my affection lives 24/7 in my kitchen?  It's my Vitamix blender, naturally.  He (yes, he) is the workhorse of this place, keeping us on track when the richer foods get the better of us, making us all sorts of green concoctions that actually taste quite palatable.  Having tinkered with so many variations of smoothies on my own, my interest was piqued when I spotted The Blender Girl Smoothies featured on two of my favorite food blogger's sites.

For many a breakfast over the past few months, I toted a smoothie on my commute to the office.  I wanted there to be variation in the smoothie flavors so I would stay motivated to continue my morning ritual.  The time spent to make one in the harried morning is well worth it -- the nutrition gleaned is without a doubt tremendously helpful to push you through your day with more energy and vigor than the usual coffee.

Often reaching for the same classic ingredients in smoothies, I was happy to see The Blender Girl Smoothies features tons of fruits, veggies and add-ins I hadn't previously considered.  Red bell pepper?  It's in the Pomegranate Slam It Smoothie.  After bringing home a beautiful case of pomegranates, I've got this one on the short list of what to make soon.  The Chai Tai smoothie sounds like a refreshing spin on the classic warm spiced drink, with regular milk swapped out for protein packed almond milk.

Those following a paleo, vegan and/or gluten free regimen may find many inspiring smoothie ideas to give a whirl, and share with someone who can't believe a blender could be so swoon-worthy.

This book was received from the Blogging for Books program in exchange for review.

Getting to the Root of What's Tasty

Simplicity can be beautiful.  Getting to the root of what makes food delicious will inevitably lead us down the simple path.  Food that is unadulterated, raw, fresh, unprocessed.  In today's era of questionable foods, Sarah Britton's approach is refreshing and inspiring to me.  I share her passion for natural, wholesome foods.  It's safe to say vegetarians and flexitarians alike will enjoy the styling and array of gorgeous recipes that grace My New Roots.
Stumbling upon Sarah Britton's blog, the mouth-watering choices were impressive, and up until recently, we anxious awaited seeing the full portfolio of creative dishes she showcases in this cookbook.  Some of the ingredients are off the beaten path, providing a new discovery into nutritious flavors.

One item to note for those who adhere to a vegan diet, My New Roots does contain some recipes with egg and/or dairy.  However, the overall majority of recipes are vegan-friendly and serve for a great inspiration for those looking to expand their breadth of cooking and preparing more plant-based dishes.

This book was received from the Blogging for Books program in exchange for review.